Meet the Team

Education Specialists


Victoria Gallagher
BA Hons, PGCE, pgcert SpLD (Dyslexia), Life Coach

Education Consultant, Intervention Coordinator, Life Coach, Specialist Dyslexia teacher


Victoria Gallagher qualified as a secondary school teacher in 2004 and has worked in London schools ever since.  During her teaching career, Victoria has taught History across the full 11-18 age range.  Having established herself as an excellent teacher, running a successful History department, in 2010, Victoria started to specialise in helping pupils develop their emotional well-being, and supporting pupils with additional and special educational needs. This work led to the establishment of a whole school early identification and support system offering bespoke intervention packages to empower children to become successful learners. Victoria continues to coordinate this work, linking with a wide range of multidisciplinary services, as the school’s Intervention Coordinator.  Victoria is a qualified life coach and has written a range of training programmes for teachers and parents. She is also a volunteer for the charity ‘Care for the Family’ and works closely with STEM 4 Mental Health Charity to prevent entrenched mental health problems overpowering young people.


As a parent of three children, each with their own unique gifts, talents and specific learning needs, Victoria has genuine empathy and compassion for parents struggling to understand the best way to support their child.  Victoria is deeply passionate about ensuring the strengths and needs of all children and young people are understood, that confidence is developed, that needs are met, and that each is able to succeed.


With such knowledge, experience and expertise, and with links to a number of highly regarded educational and medical professionals across the country, Victoria is able to support parents and their children when facing a range of educational and emotional challenges to move quickly from diagnosis to support.  Victoria, and her team offer one-to-one education consultancy, personal coaching, tailored SpLD tutoring and various workshops for parents and children.  The golden thread running through each strand of the teams’ work is to ‘inform, equip and empower’, so that parents and children are well placed to act with clarity and confidence - the journey needn’t be complicated or uncertain. 


Carolyn Green
BA (Education), PGCE, OCR Cert SpLD, OCR Diploma SpLD

Specialist Teacher, Assessor 

Carolyn Green has been a successful teacher for over 20 years, and has taught in state and private schools in four different countries. In 2008, Carolyn specialised in working with children with specific learning difficulties, and went on to work as the SENDCo in a well-established primary school in South West London for 7 years. In 2014 Carolyn took further training to work with children with specific mathematical difficulties and in 2015 she went on to work as a specialist mathematics teacher supporting disadvantaged children with complex learning needs.


More recently, Carolyn completed her diploma in specialist teaching gaining her Assessment Practicing Certificate, which qualifies her to assess and diagnose Dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties in children and young adults. She is currently working at Roehampton University in the Disabilities and Dyslexia Services Department, and is also supporting children with mathematics difficulties through one-to-one tutoring.


Carolyn is married to Chris and has 3 teenage children. Carolyn is compassionate and empathetic and her experience and expertise in working with young people and parents mean she is well placed to assess and support those with specific learning difficulties, helping to bring understanding and supportive strategies to overcome learning challenges.

Carolyn’s knowledge and understanding of dyscalculic-type mathematics difficulties means she has a thorough understanding of why children might be struggling with mathematics, and she can help parents learn how best to provide the extra support their children need.​


Clare Miller


Special Educational Needs Consultant, SEND Advisor, Specialist Teacher

Clare is a secondary school teacher with over 30 years teaching experience. Clare is passionate about education and has a real passion to support those who may find learning difficult due to their special educational needs and or disabilities.  With 24 years’ experience in Special Educational Needs, both as a Learning Support Teacher and SENCo, Clare has worked directly with pupils, parents and staff as well as liaising extensively with a number of agencies and other professionals.

Clare has a Master’s in Education, a Diploma in SEN(D), and a specialist qualification in Teaching and Assessing Specific Learning Difficulties. Clare is currently tutoring on a course for those wishing to train as specialist dyslexia teachers and undertakes SEN assessments and tuition.


Olive Imobeke

Life Coach and Youth Coach


Olive Imobeke passionately believes that every child should be nurtured in an environment that is inclusive, ignites creativity and empowers them to use their own unique gifting and talents with confidence.

Olive is a qualified Drama teacher and has a wide range of experience teaching young people from 11-18 year olds. She has also successfully lead a Drama department in a Secondary School in Wandsworth, where she used her creative skills to create lessons that explored real life issues such as peer pressure, cyber bullying and  the need to persevere instead of giving up. Olive enjoys using her skills as a teacher to help develop confidence and self worth in young people.

While leading her department, Olive also became a mentor and coach for Newly Qualified Teachers, where she was able to provide support and guidance for teachers through regular coaching during their first year of teaching. To develop to her knowledge and understanding as a coach, Olive also participated in a Stress Management course and is currently completing her diploma in Coaching. 

Before completing her PGCE, Olive worked as a Learning Support Assistant with the Expressive Arts Faculty in a Secondary School in Enfield. She gained experience working specifically with young people with autism and behavioural, emotional and social difficulties. 

Olive has gained a lot of experience working within the community as a Youth Worker with Islington Council, where she worked for a number of years with young people at risk of being homeless and not in education. One of her biggest achievements during this role was being able to have an input in the planning of a new state of the art community centre for young people in the heart of Islington.


Christine Kelly
Specialist Teacher, SpLD

Christine has worked in the educational system for over a decade now, specialising in teaching Children with Special Educational Needs. Qualified to the OCR Level 5 teaching Pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties; Miss Christine works one-to-one (in-person and via Skype/Zoom) with children who have dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia and autism on a daily basis. Furthermore, she has taught over three hundred students touch-typing with their ages ranging from six to seventy-two and was the Educational Consultant for the Children’s book ‘Who Put the Spell into Spelling.

Bailey Boo Bear

Welcome to our new furry colleague, Bailey Boo Bear. He loves to work with children and adults to relieve tension, stress and anxiety and is waiting to give you oodles of love!