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Supporting Families

The school years can be challenging, even for the most resilient children. 
We are here to help children and their families.   
Education Consultation and Referrals

Is your child struggling to keep up at school? Do you suspect a learning difficulty?

​We can help you find answers and solutions, and point you in the right direction.

​Our team specialise in:

  • Providing a range of educational advice.

  • Making referrals to specialists, including education and clinical psychologists; speech, language and occupational therapists; dyslexia assessors; psychiatrists and paediatricians.

  • Supporting families. Including accompanying parents to annual review meetings and liaising with the school’s special educational needs coordinator (SENCO). 

  • Interpreting professional reports (e.g. Educational Psychologist) and developing an appropriate support plan.

EHCP Request

At Woodlands Education Consultancy we support parents seeking an education, health and care (EHC) plan for their child. We provide advice, application support and liaise successfully with schools and local authorities on behalf of families.
School Search Support
At Woodlands Education Consultancy we help parents find the right school for their child. We listen to what parents want, and understand what their child needs. We work with families to create a list of schools for them to consider, and then liaise with school admission teams and other professionals to help facilitate a smooth transition.

Tuition and Coaching for Children

Touch Typing

Learning to touch type is an essential tool for any learner.

Its benefits include:

Easing the strain of writing
Improving muscle memory
Developing reading and spelling 
Providing more thinking time

Specialist SpLD Tuition ​

Specialist teaching tuition is personalised to the learning needs of the student and their assessment reports. Lessons are fun and engaging and highly multi-sensory and game orientated to help develop literacy and numeracy skills.

Coaching for Children and Adults
Humans are naturally self critical and can quickly lose confidence. Coaching shows us how to see things differently and more positively and equips us with the ability to change direction. It can be life-changing.

Coaching covers a wide range of issues from:


  • Managing workload

  • Managing expectations

  • Managing conflict

  • Getting back on track

  • Building confidence

  • Managing anxiety

  • Managing transitions