• Victoria Gallagher

Feel Good Friday!

At Woodlands Education Consultancy we were delighted to join Mark Burns webinar on managing uncertainty in our schools.

The key takeaway messages were:

“Life is difficult. Once we accept that life is difficult, the fact is difficult no longer matters.” (The Road Less Travelled, M.Scott, Peck)

How are you using your energy?

We need to be in balance between high energy and low energy. Too much energy leads to burnout and too little energy leads to rust out!

Remember when you are skiing on a slope, you need to preserve energy.

Top tips

· Slow your thinking down

· Think positively and adopt stoical thinking

Stoical thinking

Don’t stress over events that have already ‘happened’

Don’t ask ‘why me?’

Plan for setbacks and uncertainty

Man’s search of Meaning - Viktor Franki


· Positive Psychology

· Solution focused approaches

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