• Victoria Gallagher

World Mental Health Day

Brother’s in Arms


On World Mental Health Day, I want to take a moment 4 mind and pay tribute to two fallen soldiers: my Brother’s who fell at calvary six years apart following systemic trauma.

The boys touched the lives of many, with their 3 Cs:




They had a big, beautiful heart and had a lot of love for people and would give you their last penny.


They could not access help even in times before Covid. Lee died tragically by not being able to catch his breath in sleep and Ste recently from an alcohol withdrawal seizure/cardiac arrest and multiple organ failure.

Self help tips

As a victim of Mental Health failures and lack of support, my go to remedy has been:

· Keep the Faith

· Have Hope

· Be Kind

· Talk

· Laugh

· Embrace Nature

· Cuddles and Connection

· Choose Joy

· Listen to Music

· Do something different: relax, reflexology, meditation and shaky yoga.

Quote for Feel Good Friday!

“We can talk about making a difference or we can make a difference.”


Our family have formally lodged a complaint with the Mental Health service, following failings which must be prevented. At Woodlands Education & Wellbeing, we are all about prevention and support.

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