• Victoria Gallagher

Greater Accessibility For The Deaf Needed

The European Union of the Deaf has called on politicians to update the European accessibility act to ensure that more support is given to those who suffer with hearing difficulties.

It’s estimated that 71 million people in Europe suffer from hearing loss in environments where the noise levels are greater than 25 decibels, Open Access Government reported. What’s more, 55 million people suffer from some kind of hearing difficulties.

These can range from tinnitus to complete deafness, the news provider noted. It highlighted a new law that’s been introduced in Seattle in the US, which requires all pubs, bars, gyms, stadiums and restaurants to show captions on their TVs during working hours.

Having subtitles on screens can not only help those who are hard of hearing, but also people with learning difficulties, attention deficit disorder and autism, the news provider added.

Following the changes in Seattle’s law, the European Union of the Deaf is calling for politicians on this side of the Atlantic to follow the city’s example and introduce similar laws.

There’s evidence that more needs to be done to support deaf children in the UK. Earlier this month, Nursery World reported on research by the National Deaf Children’s Society, which found that deaf children often feel isolated and lonely.

Part of the problem is that people do not know how to interact with them. For example, 34 per cent said that they’d slowed down their speech when talking to a deaf person, which actually makes it more difficult for them to lip read.

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