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How To Help Children With Learning Difficulties Boost Self-Esteem

All children can struggle with their self-esteem, but it can be especially hard for children with learning difficulties to develop and maintain high self-esteem.

Writing for Thrive Global, parent Doreen Kisuli explained that it’s important to help all children develop high self-esteem because it brings so many benefits.

These include making them feel valued and respected, helping them take responsibility for their actions and decisions, and helping them feel comfortable when forming relationships, among others.

But she acknowledged that it’s particularly challenging to help children with learning difficulties develop a high self-esteem. However, she offered some advice that could help parents who are trying to do the best for their children.

Ms Kisuli said that parents of children with learning difficulties need to be “both supportive and realistic”. “Acknowledge your child’s effort and praise them when they have made efforts and succeeded in something,” she said.

Another tip is to help them find friends who “accept, value and support them for who they are”.

She noted that building self-esteem in children should start from an early age, regardless of whether or not they have learning difficulties, although she added that children with learning difficulties will need additional support and attention.

The BBC recently reported on an initiative by Toy Like Me, a not-for-profit organisation in Norwich which has designed toy wheelchairs. The news provider revealed that having working toy wheelchairs in bright colours can boost the self-esteem of children with disabilities.

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