• Victoria Gallagher

Sports Sector ‘Needs To Help Disabled Children Get Active’

The sports and physical activity sector needs to play a bigger part in enabling disabled people to be more active.

Research based on the outcome of the Get Yourself Active programme found 75 per cent of disabled people are not aware of what facilities are available for them, revealed Leisure Opportunities.

Nearly a fifth (18 per cent) said inaccessible facilities were a barrier for them to take part in physical activities, while 21 per cent said the cost was the reason they were put off getting involved in sport.

Project co-ordinator from Disability UK, which ran the four-year Get Yourself Active programme, Leanne Wightman, said: “The benefits of sport and physical activity are well-documented. However, there is a significant knowledge gap about these benefits as well as how and where you can get involved.”

She noted that this new research shows how the health and social care and leisure sectors need to work with disabled people more so they can get a better idea of their local provision.

This comes after ActiveNation hosted the Special Olympics Solent Competitive Boccia Club in Eastleigh on February 12th.

The event was launched to encourage more people with physical and learning disabilities to get involved in sports, the Southern Daily Echo reported.

As Boccia is a sport that is designed for those with severe physical disabilities, this event showcased the opportunity for many disabled children to get involved in physical activity in a way they may not have been aware of before.

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