• Victoria Gallagher

The Power of Play


This week I stumbled across a great article in ‘First News’ which my son was devouring. He turned to me and said, “question for you Mum, why is playful learning so important?"

The Answer

When you’re playing, you’re not just having fun - your developing your ability to work in a team, your critical thinking and problem solving skills and your imagination.

My Response

As a Mum I felt proud to think our recent trip to a pumpkin farm with feet knee deep in mud, cold and wet was all the more worthwhile.

Whilst we were there, my children 14, 12 and 9, learnt to:

· Navigate the elements

· Promote their clothing label ‘Blue Ocean’

· Work as a team to navigate the trolley to the pumpkin field,

· Select the best pumpkin for carving using De Bono’s thinking hats

· Purposefully roll in the mud and have a good old belly laugh!


Playful learning not only is important for personal growth and development, it offers time for the family to connect and build lasting memories.

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