Bespoke Retreats

Our retreat offer:


We feel what we think and behave how we feel!


Too often we are victims of our mind, yet the mind can be such a blessing to us.


Often, we are unaware of the unleashing of our negative thoughts - so the fog continues to ensnare us, and hold us captive until one day our head blows!


At Woodlands Education & Wellbeing, we are a team of dedicated professionals committed to preventing the onset of mental health problems / burnout or rust out.


Having lost two brothers to mental health due to life stressors and lack of appropriate services, Woodlands Education & Wellbeing is determined to bring hope to all the lost souls out there.


Let us take you lovingly and gently by the hand and help you build a new story for your life.


We all come from different pasts, and starting points, each of us weathers a storm differently.


At Woodlands Education  we are committed to helping young and old get the very best bespoke treatment-to enable you to build a story for your life which is loving, self compassionate, and fruitful.


Speak to us and let us put together a programme of restoration, revival and reawakening for you.


We love, we care, we support tenderly and at your pace!


Please feel free to email about our Bespoke Retreat services. We can’t wait to welcome you into the family.

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